An Extraordinary Efficacy Of The Heart Of Banana For Health

Banana heart or in Javanese language it is called Onthong, it is a flower of purplish red papaya. After not being a fruit, the banana heart should be cut so that the development of the fruit are more optimal. For most people, the heart of the bananas are considered worthless and they let it rot in the ground. But the heart of banana can be processed into delicious dishes and contains tremendous benefits for health. Types of bananas are tasty consumed and contain the benefits, among other things: banana klutuk banana, kapok, King of siam and the King of the fur. (A Nutritious Plant As a natural Healer)

Diverse Nutrition Heart Banana
As it turns out, the heart of banana bananas also are rich in essential nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A, B1, Vitamin C Bitamin, iodine, fiber, essential minerals (phosphorus, calcium, iron). Not only that, the heart of the banana also contain flavonoida, which functions as an antioxidant, anticancer and anti aging. (Avoid the 6 types of Ingredients so that your body is healthy)

The amazing benefits of banana for health Heart
Compared to fruit, heart banana has the price is much cheaper. Even so, never looked at one eye at the heart of a banana, because it turned out to contain the tremendous benefits for health. Among these benefits are: (Beef should not be washed? This Is The Reason)

Lose weight
Content of natural fibers in the heart of banana makes it great to help Your diet program. Consuming processed banana heart will make you feel full longer, so the ideal weight will be easy. (3 Time banned bathing and recommended)

Prevent Cancer
The content of flavonoids in the heart of a banana helps ward off free radicals are carcinogenic. (7 behaviors that make you Fell)

Prevent and lower cholesterol
Content in banana tantung powerful help bind the evil fat and cholesterol that endanger health. (Redakan sick with Massaging This Body 7 members)

Launched the production of BREAST MILK
High protein content in the heart of the bananas make it potent helps to increase the production of breast milk. So the heart banana included one alternative food for nursing mothers.

Healthy digestive system
Content of natural fibers in the heart of the banana very nice to overcome various digestive problems.

Overcoming anaemia
The content of iron in the heart of the banana is great for helping the production of red blood cells so that the anemia could be resolved properly.
Treat malaria

There is research that says if the banana heart nutritious extracts blocking reproduction of the malaria parasite.

Overcoming diarrhea
The content of nutrients in the heart of a banana can help normalize the function of the colon on the colon and absorb liquid in the intestines so it can function normally.

Prevent Goitre
The content of iodine in the heart of the banana is believed to have powerful prevent goitre.

Hem, it turns out that the heart of bananas has tremendous benefits. If so, you're still looking at one eye?
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