The advantages and benefits of Chayote for health and beauty

Who likes consuming vegetable chayote? Chayote is commonly called gondes, manisa, pumpkin, jipang, or pumpkin siem is the fruit of vines that can grow in soil that is moist and humid. Chayote has a thin green skin, a pale white flesh and a thin seed inside. (Danger of fever in children and how to cope with the child's fever)
Chayote including vegetable special because it has a flavor that is crisp and delicious. Chayote regular processed into a variety of dishes, including: sayur lodeh, stir-fried vegetables, chili sauce, fried, mix rujak uleg, and sweets. The price of chayote arguably quite cheap and easy to find in a vegetable market or traditional artisans. (Tips on Overcoming the Stubborn Chayote Sap)

Nutritional Content Of Chayote
Although the price is relatively cheap, but the chayote contains nutrients that are unusually large, include: vitamin B compleks (folate, niacin, Pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, Vitamin B6), Vitamin C and essential minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, copper).

Benefits of Chayote for health and beauty
The magnitude of nutrient content making siam pumpkin vegetables this is great for maintaining healthy body and beauty. Well, in order for more details, refer to the following details:
Prevent premature aging
The antioxidant content of vitamin C in the potent chayote helps prevent skin cell damage due to radical

free causes premature aging
Good for women who are planning pregnancy and pregnant
Content of folic acid and vitamins in chayote is great to help meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy. Folate is important also reduces the risk of giving birth to deformed babies and miscarriages.

Prevent colon cancer
The high fiber content in the chayote helps bind zak karsiogenik trigger cancer. In addition, content of antioxidants in chayote also helps ward off cancer-causing free radicals.
Overcoming hypertension
Diuretic effect of potassium content in chayote is great for lowering the levels of salt in the blood through urine. With the decline in blood, the heart is also lighter and will join the automatic blood pressure down.

Normalize uric acid
Chayote has a diuretic effect so well for the launch of urine, where excess uric acid also dissolves along with urine.
Detoxification of toxins
Pumpkin helps the detoxification process the toxins so your body more healthy and the skin will also look more healthy and avoid problems.

Keep the beauty of the skin
The content of vitamin C in the chayote is nice to keep the beauty of the skin. In addition, chayote also has anti inflammatory nature of substance so that it helps overcome skin problems, such as acne, dark spots, and rough skin.
Hopefully the information above can add insights and knowledge for all of us. Good luck!
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